Advanced Non-Surgical Instant Facelift

The term ‘instant facelift’ has been steadily gaining popularity, especially with those seeking a non-surgical way to look younger. This innovative technique uses fine threads made of polydioxanone (PDO) to improve the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin with minimal downtime and quick results.

Instant PDO Thread Facelift

A PDO thread facelift works by inserting the thin threads beneath the skin, usually in the cheeks or around the jowls. Once inserted, they attach to existing tissues, which lift, tighten, and contour them over time as they heal. The PDO also has long lasting effects as it stimulates collagen production, which helps maintain healthier, younger looking skin for up to two years after this procedure.

J Lift™ Instant Facelift

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Key Benefits of Advance non-surgical instant facelift procedure

The 30-Minute advanced facelift procedure is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that offers a quick and easy way to improve the appearance of the face without the need for invasive surgery. This procedure offers several key benefits, such as:

After this procedure, you will improve wrinkles, fine lines, and skin texture. It is the best solution for people who want to improve their appearance without major surgery.

As medical technology has gotten better, less invasive procedures that work right away and last a long time have become possible. The non-surgical instant facelift is a safe and effective way to restore and refresh the face without having to go under general anesthesia or have surgery.

This innovative procedure is able to provide immediate results with minimal or no downtime; unlike traditional surgical facelifts, which require extensive recovery time and have greater risk factors associated with them. A non-surgical instant facelift has a number of key benefits, such as tighter skin, better contours, fuller cheeks, less wrinkles and jowls, better muscle tone, a more refreshed look, and a more natural, younger look overall.

Additionally, this treatment stimulates collagen production, which helps produce gradual but long lasting effects that can last up to two years in some cases.

What to Expect During and After a PDO Instant Facelift?

The actual procedure takes approximately thirty minutes, with patients typically noticing some lift immediately. This will continue to improve as swelling subsides and collagen builds up around the threads over time. Aftercare usually involves avoiding strenuous exercise for two days after treatment, protecting your skin from sun exposure through SPF protection, and drinking plenty of water to support your body’s natural healing process.

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Who is a good candidate for an advanced instant facelift?

Anyone who wishes to reduce wrinkles and sagging skin in order to look younger without a surgery is a good candidate for this procedure. Age does not necessarily matter as long as you are an adult who is healthy enough for local anesthesia and has realistic expectations regarding potential results. This procedure is not recommended for people with existing skin conditions or on certain medications as these could interfere with the healing process or cause adverse reactions during treatment.

Is non-surgical facelift treatment painful?

The truth is, PDO Instant Facelift can be slightly uncomfortable but should not be overly painful. Although there may be some pressure felt during the procedure, it should not cause too much pain for most patients. Some redness and swelling may occur afterwards, but these symptoms generally subside within one week after treatment.
PDO Thread Lift procedure
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Why Should You Choose Dr. J, MD, at New U Med Spa to do your Facelift treatment?

Dr. J MD is an American Board Certified Physician specializing in cosmetic and aesthetic treatments and regenerative medicine. Dr. J MD has performed his Professional Practice at New U Med Spa in Orlando, the top-rated Medical spa in Orlando, Central Florida. He has 20 years of experience in non-invasive and surgical aesthetic procedures, including PDO thread lifts, dermal fillers and other injectables, which he offers with his experienced and professional team. When looking for a professional practitioner to perform your facelift treatment, look no further than Dr. J, MD at the New U Med Spa. With five-star Google reviews and over 20 years of experience in the field, you can be sure that your treatment will be done with the utmost care and professionalism.

Dr. J is highly skilled in all aspects of facial rejuvenation treatments, making him one of the most sought after physicians for this type of procedure. His friendly and knowledgeable demeanor also makes him very popular among patients who want to feel comfortable during their visit.

Where to Find the best Med Spa that offers non-surgical instant facelift near me, Orlando, FL

We offer the best Med Spa services in New U Med Spa, Orlando, and specialize in non-surgical facelift procedures. When searching for the best med spa near you in Orlando, FL, it is important to look for a spa that has five star Google reviews. New U Med Spa Orlando by Dr. J. is the place to go for individuals looking for a professional, skilled, experienced and friendly team that can provide outstanding results. With years of experience in the aesthetic industry, their staff is knowledgeable about their treatments and have dedicated themselves to helping each client reach their desired outcome. Their commitment to customer satisfaction led them to earning a five star rating on Google Reviews from customers who have been delighted with their services. Clients can visit New U Med Spa Orlando with confidence knowing they will be receiving quality care from an experienced team who are passionate about providing excellent service every time. You may read reviews from our past clients to find the best one for you. Book 5 minutes Complementary Consultation with Dr. J MD and decide what procedure is better for you.

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